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    Artist: Vallmo
    Title: Ruin Walls
    Year Of Release: 2019
    Label: Northern Electronics - NE65
    Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Techno
    Quality: lossless (tracks)
    Total Time: 30:38
    Total Size: 160 mb

    1. F U (02:57)
    2. Dive (05:27)
    3. Prison (03:32)
    4. Dødt Udstiller Levende (03:17)
    5. Not Even Memories Lasts Forever_Survivor (04:09)
    6. Time Is Measured By The Moss_Dust Of U (01:52)
    7. Young Girls Surrender To Powder (05:33)
    8. Blind (03:51)
    Vallmo is the new solo moniker from Melina Åkerman Kvie (AnnaMelina). 
    With her first forays into music deftly embracing pop, Melina built a sedate and sombre place for herself that caught mainstream attention. Following her collaborations with Varg across his Nordic Flora Series, their FLORA project came into being, with the pair playing widely across Europe. 
    Vallmo represents a return to her personal creative platform. The sparse and gentle electronics of 'ruin walls' have been composed privately and candidly. Strictly working from a hardware set-up, these pieces hang together as they were made. They drift in a contemplative mode, the hint of rhythm as soft as a heartbeat. 
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