VA - Record Store Day 2019 Summer Sessions (2019)

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    Artist: VA
    Title: Record Store Day 2019 Summer Sessions
    Year Of Release: 2019
    Label: Music For Dreams
    Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Nu-Disco
    Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3 320 kbps
    Total Time: 37:15
    Total Size: 204 Mb / 85 Mb

    The Classical and piano rooted Troels Hammer's third album "Diario De Silencio" is a collab with Brazilian singer Clara Valente and the track "Infinita" s a fine taster, combining misty marimbas, Portugese vocals and ambient strings. The two Danish Legends Nordsø & Theill won praise with their debut album on MFD, and this never before released Spanish influenced handclapping fusion of "Castanos Azules" is another winner showing the duos splendid playing on guitar and tabla.
    Track List
    [06:45] 01. The Swan & The Lake - Plastic Pacific Ocean (Remake)
    [04:41] 02. Troels Hammer - Infinita
    [06:18] 03. Nordso & Theill - Castanos Azules
    [08:14] 04. Mike Salta - Hey Moloko
    [05:22] 05. Ambala - Morning Lights
    [05:53] 06. Dj Pippi - Hierba Buena

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