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    Class 3-2
    Tập hợp những lỗi trên WP7. Mình sẽ dịch ra TV sau.

    Nguồn : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=836373

    * Automatic reboot of the phone
    * Automatic reboot of the phone and loss of all datas (rare)
    * Contact tiles which are pinned to the Start screen may randomly disappear
    * Pictures assigned to Live Tiles (people, pictures, etc) are very low resolution pictures
    * When you have the same contact in two places, like email and Facebook, WP7 may automatically link the two
    * Email notifications sound laggy/distorded: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...0-d4f96edf42d9
    * Game Hub: in the Game Hub most icons are zoomed in and pixelated (concerns mainly non-Xbox live games)
    * Very low resolution picture showing on the screen when a contact calls you
    * Some annoying background hiss noise (right before a sound is played, which goes away shortly after that)
    * Text: sometimes WP7 will capitalize the first letter of some words without any specific reason
    * Weird icon appearing in the app list. See image: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/5507/iconvbx.png
    * Sound of Games will remain enabled even when phone is on Vibrate
    * Volume varies: Listen to the FM radio and receive a phone call. After the call the volume of FM radio will be far lower. The workaround is weird: if you take a picture with the camera the volume of FM radio will increase again and come back to normal.
    * Volume varies: If you listen to some music, take a picture and switch the camera to video mode then the volume of the music plaback goes off for like less than a second and comes back a lot louder that before without changing the volume.
    * Microphone may disable itself after use of bluetooth or plugging in headphones
    * Alarms: Freezes when recurring alarm sounds and allowed to self quiet, when not plugged in. Does it everytime. Sometimes locks on dismiss screen, otherwise locks when dismissed
    * Alarms: Phone may freeze on the passcode unlock screen when you dismiss the alarm (reboot necessary)
    * Alarms: Sound issues after alarm sounding: No sound after alarms, vibration still works but no sound
    * When an email contains a picture, it cannot be downloaded with Gmail on Windows Phone 7 (in HTML or RTF email format)
    * The "Answer" button seems sometimes disabled when answering a call [rare]
    * Charge via USB, it actually drains the battery/or does not charge it enough even though you just leave it on standby.

    * 3G: WP7 using 3G data unnecessarily: http://wmpoweruser.com/possible-wp7-...-unnecessaril/
    * Wifi: WP7 sometimes unable to connect to password protected WiFi (WPA/WPA2 security)
    * Wifi: WP7 fails to connect to hidden WiFi networks (known issue)
    * Wifi: Issue with lockscreen: Wifi refuses to re-connect after it comes back from standby
    * Wifi: After switching off Wifi, the phone will not connect over 3G (reboot necessary)
    * Wifi: Wifi disconnects when phone is locked: absence of option to leave Wifi on even if phone is locked
    * Bluetooth: Bluetooth works on Audio but fails on video (sound reverts to the speakers): http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...b-72f003fdeee9
    * Bluetooth: Apparently Bluetooth not connecting well with all car systems: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...b-28ce0d561132
    * Bluetooth: poor audio-quality when connecting the phone to various A2DP-capable devices

    * My Contact list reset? More info here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=961793
    * Sync: Exchange ActiveSync Error Code: 85010013 Security Policies
    * Sync: Error code 86000206 when synchronizing to Hotmail account
    * Sync: WP7's calendar refuses to push to Google calendar
    * Sync: Having a calendar entry (Google), change in reminder (add a reminder, change time etc) does not sync with the phone
    * Sync: iCal calendar appointments received by email are not recognized, and cannot be added to the calendar
    Only if you change something like description of that item, then everything will be sync', including reminder info.
    * Sync: Issue when sync'ing all calendar items from Windows Live Custom domains account. After copying the appointements from Outlook to WL calendar using the Connector, the non-recurring appointements appear in the web calendar BUT do not show up on the phone (recurring appts show up fine).
    * Sync: Some Facebook contacts are missing from People's Hub
    * Facebook: bug with Facebook photos integration in the Photos hub. Suddenly the Facebook albums disappear after the user forces a manual sync to refresh the contact list
    * Sync: Deleted people in Facebook still appear in the People Live Tile
    * Sync: Hidden posts in Facebook still appear in the WP7 Facebook feed
    * Video Sync: Error message when syncing a video from the phone to the collection "An unknown error occured. Error Code C00D11CD"
    * Emails: bug in how WP7 connects with Exchange Server 2003 (which includes the service behind the Hotmail Exchange Activesync support). When email from such a server is forwarded the email is not included in an editable form, but rather as an .eml attachment
    * Emails: Emails menu tends to start in 'landscape mode' by default (may be actually on purpose, many users find this annoying):
    E.g. If the user takes the phone in his hand in portrait mode as the main tiled interface shows, and opens the messages or mail app, the content is in the landscape mode. User has to tilt the phone 45 degrees and wait for it to correctly switch to portrait.
    * Emails: Emails fail to automatically display embedded images.
    * Emails: Incorrect processing of Mailto URLs http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...5&postcount=57
    * Emails: when a picture is attached. click on "download images" will come back "download incomplete", with no way to force the email to re-download (forward the email to urself may solve the issue)
    * Emails: if attachement has some nonstandard spelling, email app will not display this attachement at all
    * Contacts: contacts are sometimes duplicating several times for no apparent reason

    * Zune crashes, then refuses to load (reboot necessary)
    * Using Zune for music and Marketplace in the same time will very often lead Marketplace to crash
    * Zune remains silent, even if the general volume is turned on (reboot necessary)
    * Music is not paused when headphones are plugged out, during an incoming call. On cancelling the call, music just starts playing loudly on the speaker.
    * Zune keeps on working but no display: the whole screen is totally black
    * Zune does not always display the artist as background (which remains black)
    * Zune does not always display the artist as background (which remains black) whereas the Artist's image actually exists and will only be displayed in the songs list or albums list
    (Indeed, sometimes, Zune displays the Artist background when navigating through the Artist's albums and songs, but does not display any background when listening a song of this Artist)
    * Sometimes Zune's background displays the artist of the preceding song /or the next song
    * Zune software on PC messes up some Artists' tags, by mistakenly replacing the Artist name by the composer name (e.g. Smog becomes Bill Callahan, Moose becomes Russel Yates, My Bloody Valentine becomes Kevins Shields, etc.)
    * The volume of Zune may vary (e.g. louder or quieter after receiving a phone call, or after a game)
    * Zune sound quality: strangely there is always some background hiss noise
    * Audio stuttering at the end of each track
    * No sound while Zune player is running, other sounds still working (reboot solves the problem)
    * Turn off the sound of certain games may possibly also turn off the sound in Zune [to be confirmed. (e.g. RocketRiot, Bye Bye Brain, Bejeweled may cause this)]
    * All letters are "greyed out" in the Zune alphabetic search menu [may concern mostly German devices]
    * Video Sync: Zune sometimes refuses to sync videos to the computer: Error message when syncing a video from the phone to the collection "An unknown error occured. Error Code C00D11CD".


    * WP7 freezes during Maketplace scrolling
    * Marketplace crashes, then refuses to load (reboot necessary)
    * Pressing the back button sometimes only leads to a black screen
    * Pressing the back button on an app’s details page takes the user back to the beginning of the list, who then have to scroll down again to where he was
    * Error code c101a24b when trying to install or update applications (reboot necessary)
    * App updates failing to download/install
    * Upgrade process is more generally unreliable, with various error messages popping up
    * Problems with updates: some apps' icon (e.g. Wikipanda) disappear (leaving just the star) after the update until you reboot or reinstall.
    * Update of some specific apps failing due to "licensing problems" (IMDB, foursquare, Touchnote, Wipolo, some HTC apps)

    * Setting are not saved.

    * IE will not delete URLs from history if they contain international characters
    * Bug when editing a Favorite: If you edit a favorite, and the change is limited to changing the case of the favorite but not the actual words (for example, changing Engadget to engadget), then you get an error with inaccurate details that states: "Your phone doesn't have enough memory to save this favorite. Free up space by deleting some files or apps and try again." http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...6-75ab1812828b

    * Bing Maps not working properly in several non-US contries (loading time, inacurrate position, blurry maps)
    * Localization without GPS not working fine on 3G networks (apparently works better under 2G coverage)
    * Current location as indicated by Bing Maps is wrong (e.g. http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...4-895ae297ba9d )
    * un-ability of Bing Maps (unlike Google Maps) to cache the map pictures and show them when no-data connection is available

    * WP7 fails to play most m4a podcasts (despite m4a is in the list of Windows Phone supported media codecs) [may apparently be caused by images embedded in some m4a podcasts - same problem encountered on the Zune HD]

    * Once the audio jack is unplugged the Voice Command may not work (reboot necessary) [mostly noticed on the Focus]

    * Apparently, Words allows comments in new documents created with the device, but the comments are disabled in any imported docs. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=352
    * In Word after some time of using document selecting txt becomes impossible. You can just select one word but nothing more. Closing the doc and opening it again solves the problem.

    * * *


    * Email: no way to disable Email push notification at night !!!
    * Contact: WP7 does not allow to search in People for company name
    * Contact: Impossible to display company name or order by it
    * Contact: No vcard support. Contacts cannot be forwarded by SMS or Email
    * Calendar doesn't have provisions for every other week or every 3rd week for events
    * Camera settings are not saved
    * Camera-shutter sound will remain enabled even when phone is on vibrate
    * WP7 media player: Media Player does not allow user to skip to the part of the video he wants to watch by sliding finger along the time bar until he reaches the target moment. User is forced to press a seek button instead
    * Alarms: If the earphones are plugged then alarm will not ring (alarm not reverted to speaker)
    * Alarms: Alarms will ring even during phone calls, and the other side of call can also hear the alarm tune (!)
    * Even when phone's passcode lock is activated the phone can still be turned off by holding down the power button
    * Bluetooth: Bluetooth headset button long press and double press not supported (should allow voice commands via headset)
    * Bluetooth: Bluetooth settings do not allow connection of headset as just a phone headset or just a stereo headphone (A2DP) set.
    * YouTube videos embedded in Facebook/IE cannot be played [PLEASE SEE the workaround here (thanks to theOne):
    - http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...7&postcount=21
    - http://www.1800pocketpc.com/2010/12/...s-phone-7.html ]
    * Emails: No way to save a picture included in an email (if the pic is included and not attached)
    * Emails: Videos (even short ones) cannot be sent via Email
    * Emails: WP7 refuses to let you edit the content of an Email before you forward it
    * Sync: Office documents in Skydrive are not accessible from the WP7 device (absence of any integration in the WP7 Office Hub)
    * Skydrive server unable to upload folders of documents
    * Zune: No Flv, Avi Xvid support
    * Zune takes excessive time to convert some movie files
    * Absence of scrubbing controls in the Zune player
    * Zune does not allow the user to create and save playlists on the device
    * Zune player does not allow downloading podcasts over the air (non sense)
    * Marketplace: When you browse the application list, check one app then go back, often it will bring you back to the very top of the list
    * Marketplace Search: on the Marketplace Bing cannot filter between apps and music etc. If you search for an app, Bing will display a bunch of other stuffs like album, artist, song etc.
    * IE Browser: No address bar in landscape mode
    * IE favourites not syncing
    * IE: When you tap and hold a link that is represented by a picture, you only get the picture menu pop up, i.e. you get the save picture to phone but no option to open the link in a new tab
    * IE: End-user is unable to chose the default search engine (at the moment search engine is either set by the provider or imposed by MS, i.e. Bing)
    * Bing: Vocal and local search not available in most European countries
    * Bing: Absence of Bing Images, strangely left out
    * Zune/podcasts: Zune does not allow to add or update podcasts directly from the phone
    * Volume missing feature: no separate volume control: Turn Zune's volume up will also turn up the general volume (ringtone, messaging alerts, keyboard sound)
    * No way to silence text message alerts when using headphones
    * There is no batch delete option for pictures hub. Very annoying!
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    chỉ thấy phiền là khi có người gọi đến nó chỉ rung có 2 cái rồi đổ chuông không rung nữa
    đi xe thì chịu, khong biết ai gọi
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    Class 3-2
    Cậu dùng máy gì ? Nếu là của HTC có cái phần mềm Attentive Phone, có chế độ rung ĐIÊN CUỒNG >:) khi có gọi đến trong túi đó :))
  4. _Kei_

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    trước có dùng nhưng thấy nó ghi chỉ tăng âm lượng khi để trong túi nên cũng không tick vào
    để xem lại xem :D
    à mà khi đang nghe 1 bài hát mình pause/stop lại rồi thoát ra nhưng khi nhấn volume thì vẫn còn tên bài hát khi vừa nghe
    làm sao để tắt đi
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    Class 3-2
    Nó là cái Music Player Widget luôn ở thanh âm lượng rồi đó. Không cần tắt đi đâu ( mà muốn cũng khó =) ) , nó ko tốn phần mềm đâu.

    Còn check lại cái kia đi, có phần rung điên cuông đó ;)
  6. Lilly Satou

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    Class 3-2
    Nó là cái Music Player Widget luôn ở thanh âm lượng rồi đó. Không cần tắt đi đâu ( mà muốn cũng khó =) ) , nó ko tốn phần mềm đâu.

    Còn check lại cái kia đi, có phần rung điên cuông đó ;)
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    đã check
    để dt up xuống giường nó cũng rung điên cuồng
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    Thiên đàng
    Khắc phục bằng cách bạn mở 1 đoạn clip lên rồi tắt đi, sẽ ko còn hiện bài hát nữa. Cũng dùng cách này để refesh cái list nhạc

    VD như bạn đang nghe nhạc suffle, giờ bạn ko thích mà muốn nghe duy nhất 1 bài thôi, thì wp7 chưa có chức năng chọn nghe 1 bài, cũng ko có chức năng remove 1 bài ra khỏi playlist nên bạn phải refesh cái playlist bằng cách mở 1 đoạn clip lên sau đó nhấn giữ vào bài hát bạn muốn nghe và chọn Add to now playlist để nghe bài đó

    Chịu khó vậy, chờ các bản update sau tốt hơn ^^
  9. Jack Atlas

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    Neo Domino City
    Làm gì khi đang cập nhật, chiếc Windows Phone của bạn dính lỗi không thể cập nhật được nữa? Theo trang hỗ trợ của Microsoft thì hiện có 3 lỗi phổ biến khi tiến hành cập nhật cho WP7. Đây là những lỗi xuất hiện khi Zune cố gắng cập nhật thiết bị lên phiên bản firmware mới nhất.


    • Lỗi 80180080: Thông báo: "We couldn't update your phone because your operating system might be corrupt" - chúng tôi không thể cập nhật điện thoại của bạn bởi hệ điều hành có thể đã bị lỗi.
    • Lỗi 800705B4: Thông báo: "The timer ran out on what we were trying to do" - quy trình cập nhật đã diễn ra quá lâu, hết giờ.
    • Lỗi C101002E: Thông báo: "An error prevented the restoration of your phone to its previous version" - một lỗi xuất hiện đã ngăn cản việc khôi phục phiên bản firmware cũ cho điện thoại.

    Lúc này, đừng vội bi quan mà hãy sử dụng một công cụ có tên Windows Phone Support Tool để sửa chữa các lỗi khiến điện thoại không thể cập nhật thành công. Các bước tiến hành bao gồm:
    1. Rút cáp USB ra khỏi điện thoại;
    2. Tải về bộ công cụ Windows Phone Support Tool từ Microsoft Download Center. Nếu bạn sử dụng Windows XP/7 bản 32-bit thì tải về: WPSupportTool-x86.msi. Nếu bạn dùng Windows XP/7 bản 64-bit thì tải về: WPSupportTool-amd64.msi.
    3. Cài đặt WPSupportTool vào máy;
    4. Một khi hoàn tất cài đặt, nhấn nút Start Menu, chọn All Programs và tìm Windows Phone Support Tool trong danh sách ứng dụng;
    5. Trên điện thoại, nhấn giữ nút nguồn (POWER) trong 5 giây cho màn hình Goodbye xuất hiện và mất hẳn;

    6. Nhấn lại nút nguồn (POWER) để khởi động lại máy. *Chú ý: Ngay lúc điện thoại vừa bật lên, màn hình vừa sáng và rung 1 cái nhẹ thì ngay lập tức nhấn giữ nút chụp ảnh (CAMERA) cho đến khi màn hình "Connect to PC" xuất hiện (màn hình này không xuất hiện ngay, cứ nhấn giữ nút CAMERA 1 lúc). Khi màn hình "Connect to PC" xuất hiện thì thả nút CAMERA;
    7. Kết nối trở lại với máy tính bằng cáp USB;
    8. Máy tính sẽ tự động nhận biết điện thoại và Zune sẽ tự mở ra. *Chú ý: Khi Zune đã mở để nhận điện thoại thì bạn hãy đóng nó lại (Close);

    9. Trên công cụ Windows Phone Support Tool, nhấn vào nút phục hồi (Recover);
    10. Sau khi nhấn Recover, Windows Phone Support Tool sẽ cài đặt một bản cập nhật để khắc phục các lỗi và khởi động lại điện thoại. Nếu bạn cài đặt khóa cho điện thoại thì hãy nhập mật khẩu mở khóa khi được hỏi;

    11. Chú ý trong khung quy trình bên dưới, nếu thấy dòng "The device has been updated" kèm phiên bản OS ở dưới cùng thì lúc này, bạn có thể đóng Windows Phone Support Tool và ngắt kết nối USB khỏi điện thoại.
    12. Sau khi điện thoại khởi động lại, bạn có thể cắm máy vào Zune và cập nhật firmware bình thường.

    Trên đây là hướng dẫn khắc phục lỗi từ Microsoft Support, chúc các bạn may mắn.

    Nguồn: Microsoft,TInhte

    up lại quán cho thg Zack này

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