Nhii - Impermanence (2019)

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    Artist: Nhii
    Title: Impermanence
    Year Of Release: 2019
    Label: Shango Records
    Genre: Latin, World, Downtempo
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 43:32
    Total Size: 223 Mb

    IT WAS lATE AFTERNOON and the small low car came down from the black road across the hills and headlands with the dark blue ocean always on the right onto 'a deserted boulevard that bordered a flat beach of two miles-of yellow sand at Casamblanca. Well ahead on the ocean side was the bulk of a big hotel and a·casino and on the left there were newly planted trees and villas whitewashed and brown timbered set in their own trees and plantings. The two young people in the car rode down the boulevard slowly looking out at the magnificent oeach and at the desert mountains of Morocco that showed blue in this light as the car passed die casino and the big hotel and went on toward the end of the boulevard. The beautiful new EP by Nhii was playing and it sounded like paradise. Xaman, Biralo and Señora have contributed amazing remixes too. Ahead was the mouth of the river that flowed into the ocean. The tide was out and across the bright sand they saw the ancient Moroccan town and the green hills across the bay and, at the far point, the lighthouse. They stopped the car. "It's a lovely place," the girl said. "There's a cafe with tables under the trees," the young man said. "Old trees.".
    Track List
    [06:58] 01. Nhii - Impermanence
    [07:00] 02. Nhii - Live Now
    [06:46] 03. Nhii - Kasbah De Tarouriert
    [06:13] 04. Nhii - Impermanence (Xaman Remix) Xamán
    [07:46] 05. Nhii - Kasbah De Tarouriert (Biralo Remix) Biralo
    [08:48] 06. Nhii - Kasbah De Tarouriert (Señora Remix) Senora

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