[Yulgang/Fate/HKGH 3.1]Heroes Of Fate - 80x/80x/15x

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    [Yulgang/Fate/HKGH 3.1]Heroes Of Fate - 80x/80x/15x

    [UPDATE]We now have ninjas , and are upgraded to 3.1

    Heroes Of Fate

    Main Site: http://fate.herogaming.info
    Downloads: http://fate.herogaming.info/down.asp
    Register: http://fate.herogaming.info/regs.asp (Use Internet Explorer!)
    Forums: http://forum.herogaming.info
    Screenshots can be seen below.

    -80x Exp
    -80x Gold
    -15x Drop

    What the **** is Heroes Of Fate?

    Heroes OF Fate is a Yulgang(Scions of Fate) Private server designed for an english community.
    It's ran by top quality gamemasters(not really) and has a growing community.
    Our goal is to be the most updated & popular english server out.
    We're all nice people though, a fun community. We even force our members to sing songs.
    We're just here to have fun , If your gonna flame then leave immediately.

    What's Yulgang?
    Yulgang (also known in the USA as Scions of Fate) is a MMORPG developed by
    KRG Soft in South Korea and serviced by Mgame in Japan,
    It is based on a Korean martial arts comic which shares its name
    As of February 14, 2007, the game is popular in China and Korea,
    With over 100 million registered players with servers active
    In Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and America

    Well now you know what Heroes Of Fate/Yulgang is,

    Lets go down into detail.

    Server Specs:
    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU
    E5620 @ 2.40GHz
    2.60GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM
    100mb/s Line

    Proof of speed:

    (Note: Our speed is usually higher , speedtest.net is messed
    Yes we know , there not top quality right now
    We will add more as the server requires it , trust me)

    Some stuff to know:
    -Bug abusing will not be tolerated (Better not abuse.)
    -Some GameMasters can be gay in some ways (Eww.)
    -We allow buffing as any class (Too many people do it , sick of ban's)
    -Area of Effect is ONLY allowed as blader(NO HACKING!)
    -We don't allow bots/hacks
    -Donations are used for server purposes (We don't steal like others)
    -We don't give items unless its from event ,we beleive in a fair community. (<--)
    -If you refuse to follow rules we will ban! (<-- Self exp.)

    FeaturesOH MY GAWD)

    -High Rates (Yepp , I know right? Low sucks)
    -Ninja class fully
    -Players can select there own background music (Yulgang music is gay)
    -Free costumes in Hugh/Holly/Lynn/Heather ( <333 )
    -Ran on chinese client ( Don't be suprised >_> )
    -All maps working ( OH REALLY? )
    -Valley Of Tigers with monsters included (Not in USA!)
    -Southern Forest with monsters included (Original Spawns!)
    -Couple system
    -Working soul stones!
    -Useless craft system(THERES SHOPS YA KNOW? T_T)
    -All weapons up to lvl 120 working ( This includes c13/14/15 )
    -All gears up to lvl 110 working ( Yeah those 110 gears can be sexy)
    -Honor system is functional and working ( Honor is pretty <33)
    -Pills (HP+Chromatic+GAP) will drop from high level monsters ( Looks like your farming)
    -Premium potions will be droppable from high level monsters ( LOL , GO TRAIN )
    -Charm of Passage has ALL major spawns saved!! (LIEK NO WAYS!)
    -Northern Spirit Weapons are for the top of each class ( Too start some drama)
    -Max Skill Att. Gem is 30% Droppable (OH EM GEE SA 30 :O)
    -Max.Physi Def. Gem is 30 Droppable (<3 Now I can tank stuffies)
    -MORE MORE MORE!! (YEAHH!! <3)

    Screenshots: (Yeah buddy it gets better, we got pictures too)

    All images except like two will be just links.
    Due to the fact they are big and I will get flamed.

    Shops (This isn't so exciting) -
    http://i26.tinypic.com/mht0yw.png (Chan+Weapons)
    http://i25.tinypic.com/1zw0lkl.png (Holly+Female Costumes)
    http://i27.tinypic.com/6t2qgh.png (Lynn+Male Costumes)
    http://i31.tinypic.com/2584co1.png (Order/Chaos Agent Gear/Weapons)
    http://i30.tinypic.com/dot074.png (Heather+100 Gears/Weapons)

    In-Game (This part is exciting <3) -

    Default Charms(Preset Already) -

    110 Ninja

    Central Valley (Teh starter town) -

    Event Arena (Yepp got some killing to do) -

    House Wars (Whos the best house?) -

    Last Man Standin'(Who will survive? :O) -

    Marriage Preview (One of Three,its so pretty ) -

    Sadat's sexy ban hammer (Don't get hit! ) -

    Southern Forest (With monsters!!) -

    Valley of Tigers (NOT IN USA!! <33) -

    Heroes of Fate Players singing pokemon:


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    cliend 999mb =.=! dễ sợ thiệt..........................................................

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    Sv này dc ae vao train đi nào

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    sv này choi được đó ko lag thi nào



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