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21-09-2003, 00:30
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Samurai 5 ONJMUSHA2 Warlords 4cd (Capcom - game di canh cuc ky hay)
Sieu Nhan GRAW (3) (game cuc ky hay - choi bang chuong trinh gia lap - hinh anh dep)
Hello Kitty Colection
Barbie Princess Bride
Barbie Sparkling ICE show
Barbie Team Gymnastics
Barbie Beach Vacation
Barbie Ocean Discovery
Barbie Pet Rescue
Barbie Detective 2: the Vacation Mystery
WILL ROCK (3D shooting)
Final Stretch Horse Racing (dua ngua)
HEATH The Unchosen Path (di canh giong Diablo)

Disciples II: Servants of the Darks
Pirates of the Caribbean
CHASER: Fight your way through hell (giong Ureal)
StrongHold deluxe Warchest (dan tran chien luoc)
State of Emergency
The Great Escape (giong Halflife)
Cross Roads (dua xe, canh sat giao thong)
Gothic II 2cd (game giong Diablo)
The SIM all in one 2cd
Pearl Harbor the day of infamy (may bay chien dau)
Chariots of War (dan tran)
Navy Seal 2: weapon of mass desduction (ban sung 3D giong Halflife)
Battle Engine (ban sung 3D)
Torero (game dau bo tot Tay Ban Nha)
Street Legal Racing

Delta Ops Army Special Forces (giong halflife counter strike)
Mistmare 2cd (giong Diablo)
Midnight Club 2
Starky & Hutch
Tomb Raider 6: the Angle of Darkness
Diablo II: New Dawn X 2cd
BLOODRAYNE (game hay - danh gia thuoc loai Mature)
DISCIPLES II: Guardians of the Light
The Hulk 3cd (Nguoi khong lo mau xanh)
NeighBours from Hell (JoWood) Nguoi hang xom tu dia nguc: Tra thu la tro cho ngot ngao
Star trek: Elite Force II
Cruise Ship Tycoon
World war II: Frontline Command (dan tran)
Racer Thames London (dua ca no)
NeverWinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide (can ban cu~)
The SIM Super Star 2cd
Premier Manager 2003
Warcraft III: Frozen throne (chay may don)
Finding NEMO (Walt Disney)
Air Raid (giong BeachHead)
Crack game 14 (Hulk nguoi khong lo xanh, RedFaction, Castles & Catapults)
Roller Coaster Factory 3 (xay cong vien 3)
Las Vegas Tycoon (xay dung trung tam giai tri Las Vegas)
Ghost Master
SuperStar Soccer 3 2cd
Mad Dog McCree (shooting game)
Rayman 3: hoodlum havoc 3CD
Robocop (canh sat sieu hang)
Tuyet Dai Song Kieu (giong Final Fantasy) game tieng Hoa
Magnetic the game of games
Enigma: Rising Tide (ban sung giong Halflife)
Medival total war: Viking Invasion (dan tran)
Phong sac hong ty 2 (di canh giong Fantasy)
Kiem hiep tinh luc 2 (giong Diablo)
Dic vuc cuong tuong
Rise of Nations (Microsoft game dan tran)
Enter the Matrix 4cd (di canh ban sung 3D)
Snes supernintedo 8cd (choi doc lap tung cd)
Ngoa ho tang long 2cd (game tieng Hoa)
Grand Theft Auto: vice city 2cd
Tactical Manager 3 (quan ly doi bong)
Pet Racer (dua xe thu vui nhon)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: stealth action redefined 3cd (action 3d) PC world T5 gioi thieu
Highland Warriors 2cd (dan tran chien luoc) PC world T5 gioi thieu
Tien (game hay 2cd)
X-Men 2 Wolverine's Revenge 2cd
CODENAME: NINA Global terrorism strike force
The Qin Warrior Great
Co ty phu 5 2cd(tieng Hoa)
1503A.D. The New World (dan tran chien luoc - EA sport)
Tropico 2: pirate cove 2cd (game xay dung)
Gun Metal war transformer (action 3D, Robot)
BLITZKRIEG (dan tran chien luoc. chien tranh hien dai)
Postal 2 (di canh ban sung giong CounterStrike)
Red Faction 2cd (di canh ban sung giong CounterStrike)
Port Royable (dan tran thuyen)
Tam quoc chi IX 2cd
Red Faction 2cd
Praetorians (dan tran - Eidos)
Grom (2cd)
Valkyrie Profile (game PS hay choi bang gia lap, giong Final Fantasy)
Casino Inc
Phim Final Fantasy 10 full VCD (8cd)
Barbie Rapunzel (game barbie moi, phieu luu hap dan)
Rainbow six 3: Raven Shield 2cd
Warrior Kings: Battles
IndianaJones: Emperor's Tomb (di canh phieu luu, tim co mo) 2cd
Championship Manager 4 (quan ly doi bong Eidos)
Devastation (action, ban sung, ghe gon)
Atlantis underwater tycoon
Tiger Woods PGA tour 2003 (danh Golf) 3cd
Madden 2003 (Bong bau duc)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (Novalogic)
Jurassic Park: operation genesis
Warcraft III: Frozen throne (chay mang)
Hegemonia (dan tran khong gian - game PCworld t3 gioi thieu)
Bass Fishing 2003 pro (game cau ca)
Best Emu & Rom MAME 2cd (game gia lap colletion)
* Chuong trinh gia lap playstation 2
American Conquest (dan tran)
Mahjong 5 (danh bai mac duoc)
The Sim: that life add on
Knights of the Cross (game chien luoc)
TombStone 1882
IGI 2: covert strike
Apache: air assault
Konami game collection
Gameboy collection 2cd
Micro Commandos
Twisted Metal small brawl (PS)
Diablo 2: Harry Potter 2cd
Diablo 2: Easter Sun 2cd
Monster Jam (dua xe hoi dia hinh)
Pacific Gunner (truc thang chien dau)
Simcity 4000 (game xay dung)
Impossible Creatures (game chien luoc dan tran dep, hay)
Silent Hill 2 (game Pcworld gioi thieu thang 1)
Soldier Anorachy
Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel
Snowboard Park Tycoon
Jnquisition (game hanh dong)
Shadow of Destiny
Petter Pan
Beach Life
US most wanted
Ghost Recon: Alient Thunder
Total Club Manager 2003 (quan ly doi bong cua EA-Sport)
Diablo 2 ZY-El
Warcraft III phan mo rong
007 NightFire
Disney Coaster
Age of Mythology ban chinh thuc
RoadRash 3D
Emergency 2
Tennis 2003 (EA Sport)
Harry Potter II
NBA 2003 (Bong ro EASport)
Robin Hood the legend of sherwood (game hay dep)
Prince of Qin (Chien luoc) 3CD
BatMan Vengeance (Infogrames)
Airline tycoon evolution
Taz wanted (game cho tre em)
The partners (giong the Sim)
The Lord of the Rings
Moc De 2 (game Playstation)
Goemon (game Playstation)
Hoi lua 4 (Breath of Fire)(game Playstation) Capcom
Vua tro choi Yu-gi-oh danh bai ma thuat (game phieu luu nhap vai) (game Playstation)
Truong hoc ba vuong 2 (Capcom) (game Playstation)
Pokemon song dau (game Playstation)
Winning Elenven 2003 (game Playstation)
Nhac dance hay nhat Hong Kong
Nhac dance hay nhat Chau Au
Hai Kich 28
Hai Kich 29
Counter Strike Fusion
Industrial Giant II

Mp3: Hoa tau nhung tinh khuc bat tu (nhac Viet)
Mp3: Ca khuc bat hu vol1
Mp3: Ca khuc bat hu vol2
Mp3: Tuyen 34
Mp3: Trai tim tinh si

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf
Ring II (wanadoo)
Monopoly new edition (Infogrames)
FIFA football 2003 (EA Sport)
Age of Mythology (game hay) (Microsoft)
America's Army (the official US Army game)
The Sniper (Ke ban tia)
Celtic Kings Rage of War
Combat Mission 2
Earth 2150 Lost Souls
Skateboard Dark Tycoon World tour 2003
Heroes IV: the Gathering Storm expansion pack (3DO)
Hotel Giant (Jowood)
Hero X (Infogrames)
Zoo tycoon: Marine Mania
Nascar Thunder 2003 (EA Sport)
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Mp3 vol3: If I had my love (nhac ngoai)
Mp3 vol1: The day you went away (nhac ngoai)
Mp3: Hoa Thai loi Viet
Mp3: The best of ROck
Mp3: Chang nang, Cay dan sinh vien
Mp3: Lieu thuoc trai tim 1,2,3

Cossacks: Back to War
Empire Earth: the Art of Conquest expansion

Truyen Kiem Hiep vol 7
MP3 Cailuong 2
MP3 Tuyen 32
MP3 150 Bai Hat Sai Gon Tre Viet Nam

Battle Field 1942
The Sim Unleased
Roller Coaster 2
Medieval Total War 2CD
No one live forever 2 (2cd)
Chess Master 9000
Tieu Ngao Giang Ho 2 (4cd)

Emperor Rise of the middle Kingdom
MB2 Men in Black II
Prisoner of War
Necromania Trap of Darkness
Guns & Ammo
Strong Hold Crusader
Age of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty
Hitman II

Mafia 3CD
Sudden Strike II
Dino Crisis 2 (capcom)
Harvest Moon Back to Nature

Hai kich: Vat Doi Sao Doi (MP4 VCD)
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (MP4 VCD)
Live show Britney Spear va N'Sync popodyssey at Lasvegas (mp4 vcd)
An nan (mp3 - song ca chon loc)

WinKawaks 2CD collection cac game CPS2 emu
Antz - extreme racing
NeoGeo 2000 3cd (collection cac game cua NeoGeo)

Cac pha bong dep Worldcup 2002 2cd
Crazy Taxi
The Think
Tsunami 2265 (robo di canh ban sng 3D)
European Manager (quan ly doi bong)
Holigan bong da

F.A Premier League Manager 2002 (EA Sports)
Unreal Gold (3D Shooting - game hay)
Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry
Grand Prix 4 (dua xe F1)
F1 2002 (EA Sports dua xe F1)
Britney's Dance Beat
Delta Force 4 Task Force Dagger
The Watchmaker
Diablo 2 The Fury expansion 2CD
World Championship Snooker

Legion - dan tran
PC Game 2002 vol 5 (Warcraft III,Navy Seals(dan tran),Tam quoc chi 2)
DIGIMON Wolrd 02 - digital monsters (PS choi bang chuong trinh gia lap)
Subasa (PS choi bang chuong trinh gia lap)
Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002 (quan ly doi bong MU 2002) (PS choi bang
chuong trinh gia lap)

Thanh Cat Tu Han 2CD (tieng Hoa)
Neverwinter Nights 3CD (di canh dep - giong Diablo)
Game mini vol 3 (hon 50 game collection - run on CD)
Auryn Quest: The nerver ending story (di canh)

Warcraft III (Blizzard - ban chinh thuc)
PC Game 2002 vol 4 (Navy Seals, Operation Blockade, Grand theft auto 3,
Pacman, Solider fortune2, Freedom force)
Chrono cross (qua lac thoi gian - giong Final Fantasy)

CounterStrike 1.5
Dino Crisis 2 (choi bang trinh gia lap PS)
Zoo tycoon: Dinosaur Dig
Redalert: Yuri's revenge Pariot Mod @};-